Take One

In the twilight,
I often recall that I used to take a walk with my dog.

My house was at the foot of a hill.
An observatory tower sat at the top of that hill.

Early in the evening,
my dog and I would climb the hill toward the observatory.
From which we could see the sea stretching beyond the factory area.
I would spend a while there,
gazing eagerly at the sky and the sea,
while the sun was going down.
I stood still there,
until the sun hid himself and everything was a blur of orange.

This behavior of mine used to confuse my dog.
She could not leave there without her master!
She would spend some time alone,
pretending to look for something in the bushes nearby.
Of course she was just waiting for her master to get going any second.

We (my dog and I) must have appeared
as if we were looking for something
between the sky and the ground.
And that whatever we were looking for was
so important to us,
but that we had lost it.

The truth is that we werenft looking for anything
; we were waiting for something.

For me, the light of the town.

For her, my action.

On our way home, we would run downhill,
all the way in utter darkness.
We were not frightened at all.
Because I could feel her breath,
and she could hear my footsteps.


Leisure Pleasure Tresure

gWhat is music to you?h
If someone asks me that question, I would mention this title.
This is a bright answer on the positive side.
Of course there is a different answer on the dark side.
After all, Ifm a human being.
Some day, I would like to create a piece on the dark side.
Nobody would like to listen to such a piece, though.


I created this piece when my grandmother (my mother' mother) passed away,
whishing she would do fine in the other world.
Sometimes I play this piece without thinking about the reason why I created,
but I think itfs O.K.
This piece energizes my soul.
Hopefully, my grandmotherfs soul is energized whenever she hears this piece.

Two Days Late

I finished this composition two days late.
I was relieved, though it was late.
I looked up the sky.
There was a beautiful full moon.
Then I knew that the name of this tune would be gtwo days lateh.
This tune was intentionally late to be born into this world.
This is my excusec.


When I smell flowers of Jinchouge, I momentarily lose the sense of reality.
I cannot explain it well, but I feel funny sensation,
as if I were fainting,
as if I finally found a thing I had been looking for for a long time,
or as if I were sucked into a different world.



Looks Like Lenny Tristano!?

Master of Swing!
Shoji Kawaguchi

Master of Tabla!
Junzo Tateiwa

Ryuta Kamahara
with Stratocaster

Mastering at Saidera



This is the observatory

A view from the observatory

Another view from the observatory