talk about Take One

When Take asked me to help him to produce his album, I said "Why not?"without hesitation,
because I'm attracted to the world of music he creates.
This feeling hasn't been changed since I met him in college.
Songs in this album have been performed in various formats.
Sometimes songs had to be arranged to be performed in respective formats.
It's about time to form them into the ideal format which Take imagined.

What Take wanted me to do was not just to create a catalogue of pieces
but to make an album to complete his work.

When each piece organically fits together, the light will be shed.
The creator feels the light, and the light becomes his guidepost.

How to maintain the objectivity, that was the most difficult task I encountered,
because I am a big fan of Take's music.
I tried my best to make some suggestions given the circumstances, and Take accepted most of them.

As a result, I believe that this album came out nicely.

Jinchougemakes me feel the breath of a new life.
Leisure Pleasure Treasureputs me into the vortex of joy and anxiety, which I feel in my infancy.
Requiemmakes me revisit the deep sorrow I have experienced for the first time and makes me pray.
Don't Rushsuggests the aspiration to the matured world.
Forestymakes me think the gravity of life.
Two Days Latebrings me to the loophole between the reality and the dream.
Daddy's Homemakes me reflect.

I believe that I managed to recreate the path one took in his life through sounds.

Every listener should feel free to imagine a story which Take's music suggests you.
There must be as many stories as listeners.
An art including music should allow people to imagine anything.

Lastly, I would like to mention, that this album is full of Take's dedication toMuseand his hope for the human being.

I would be very happy if many people could feel that.

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