Take Series

The Take Series was intended to release all the songs I have composed from 1995 to 2005.
I have never been interested in making my own albums before.
But when I realized that the number of pieces I had composed was enormous,
I started to feel as if my compositions were crying out to me.
It was like I was hearing the cries of my children.

Bring us into the world!"
"We are alive!

I felt obligated to create these albums, to let my songs travel to the world in the form of CDs.
Several CDs would be required to make every tune travel.

The eldest members will fly with “Take Zero
Elder brothers already flew with “Take One”.
The younger brothers are flying with “Take Two”.
This series will continue until “Take Four” flies.

May I have your attention please!
Fasten your seatbelts and have a good flight!

Take plays his piano.

Digital Performer

A Part of The "Take's Orchestra"

"B Studio"

Take works in "B Studio".

The door of "A Studio".


Piano in "A Studio"

Piano Recording

Guitar Recording

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